Celebrity Brows Kit


The new Celebrity Brows Compact kit is a must have for perfect Brows.
Using the 7 unique stencils to achieve a fabulous Brow this kit helps you maintain the perfect brow between Salon visits.

It's great unique long lasting powder will give the desired eyebrow shape you need, that will last you all day
This product is going to take eyebrows to the 21st century. Giving a fuller more defined shape and look

A guide to use as well as 3 colours to choose from and 7 fantastic stencils to create a brand new shape to the Brows. Tweezers, doubled ended brush, eyebrow pencil and a fixing wax are the additions to the compact making it a complete set to assist your daily routine.

There are three colours in one kit, it's so much easier and a money save if your unsure on what shade to get. you can even mix two colours together if you are inbetween shades. The powders are very pigmented and so silky to the touch.

The wax in the kit really does help to keep the brow hairs down and also is brilliant for giving substance for the powder to hold on to, which does also mean it makes the powder more pigmented when you apply to the brow so again bare that in mind when applying and try not to overload the brush or you may end up with brows that are too dark.
However this does mean the kit itself will last a lot longer as you will be using less product then usual.


What's in it

3 shades of long lasting colors
(blonde, brown, charcoal)
1 fixing wax


7 Unique stencils:
Thick, medium, fine, extra thick and long, mature, the celebrity brow, man brow

Defining pencil


Full length tweezer

Double ended brush

Mirror + step by step guide

The result