Solkiss 3 in 1 Self Tan Applicator

This glove is designed to help applying the tanning spray evenly and without staines on body parts that are difficult to reach.
This will also keep your hands nice and clean.

Features Solkiss glove

  • The side with the white sponge is to gently exfoliate you skin for an even better effect.
  • The included latex gloves you put on before you get started with the brown side.
  • The soft brown side you use after you've let it dry a few minutes to work off the skin so you get a streak-free and long lasting effect.

This is how you use the Solkiss 3 in 1 Self Tan Applicator:

  1. Scrub the skin with the white sponge side.
  2. Wait a few minutes.
  3. Put on the latex gloves to mainatin clean hands.
  4. Spray the Solaris Spray Tan on the white side of the glove.
  5. Apply the white side with spray tan on your body.
  6. Wait until it's dry.
  7. Rub out the tanning spray with the brown side for a smooth and streak-free finish
  8. When you're done you can easily wash the Solkiss 3 in 1 Self Tan Applicator in warm water, so it's ready for the next time.